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THE ideal GENRE TRADITIONS: a more conventional Hidden Object game with detective storyline and juicy graphics. If you think your self a True Seeker and also a genuine casual games connoisseur – meet our Challenge! Mindblowing INNOVATIONS: your adventure will be unforgettable due to the hybrid of Hidden Object and resource-management genres. On the lookout for a game with goals that are intriguing and decent puzzles? Start playing now! EXCITING GAMEPLAY: A stunning non linear gameplay allows you to play the Antiquaria the manner in which that you want, and it generates your adventure unforgettable! THE CHALLENGE ONLY TRUE SEEKERS CAN COMPLETE: a new”Free Choice” principle – no old shoes or straw hats! Every object has its narrative behind and purpose here! Remember: some times even the simplest thing can be the clue for unraveling the wonderful puzzle! Think you don’t have any peers in searching for objects? Prove it by following the rule of”Free Choice”! GREAT selection of MINI GAMES: Brain games and puzzles, Match3, Auction, Quest Challenges and Detective Investigation – every one with this organically fits in when you deal with items and antiques of all distinct eras. Every thing has its own unique narrative. If you own a vein of a detective, then antiques and objects will discuss their mysteries with you! MYSTERIOUS DETECTIVE: how many secrets do antiques and their former owners hide? What is the story behind these things? Authentic mystics don’t conceal keys but show them. If you are prepared to find terrifying answers to great puzzles – locate all the early puzzles, put all portions of it together and also the seeker’s diary notes will reveal you their shadowy side. MULTI-SCENE LOCATIONS: a genuine seeker needs to take a deep dive in every story. Ready to visit all the scenes of a mysterious park or a house by the ocean? Upload the game and start your own evaluation of every scene! VARIOUS hiding-places: Each scene comprises tons of hiding places that can possibly be opened using bare hands or with crow bar, lock picks as well as other improvised means. Could you handle such struggles? It’s time now to commence a travel to the Antiquaria! MORGAN-HILLS HISTORY: This place used to be a big port city, which lured seekers of ancient secrets, misunderstood geniuses and crazy creators. These people blended with all the bohemians, the nobles and also sloggers. This gave birth to the wonderful atmosphere of the city. City of contrasts and secrets… The deserted houses of its amazing inhabitants stay untouched as if these were the fragments of the past, attracting seekers of this classic from all around the world. Trevor, who have been obsessed with the hunt because the very childhood, could not imagine that his long-standing dream -running their own antique shop will be realized . His older friend and skillful seekeryear-old Hartington, gives his antiquarian shop, and an accidentally found mysterious silk match with mysterious notes and a picture of a Rabbit onto it sets in a chain of events revealing amazing secrets…BRIEF FEATURES: 62 match scenes. 200+ concealing regions of various difficulty levels. 2, 000 + classic and rare products. 30 unique characters, each one with his own personality and attitude towards you. Your Antique Shop – discover what the real piling is! A superb story and unique air are waiting for one to dive right into them! Try new formats of concealed item game – your uncontrolled liberty of hunt! Auction – win and rejuvenate your selections! Shop Sales every found thing returns benefits! Metal sensor expand frontiers of this Search! Fantastic set of minigames: puzzles, Match3 and safe cracking in Antiquaria are really hard! New quests and events every single week the pleasure to be together with us! Free update – we keep keep improving the game consistently! Antiquaria – designed out of love! VISIT US: www.myantiquaria.comFIND US: US:

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