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Clash of Clans Hack Online – Unlimited Gems

This Clash of clans hack is able to generate unlimited amounts of gems and much more. In 2012, CoC was released. From 2012-2013 there were a lot of exploits and backdoors open due to the fact that the game was still relatively new. This year it has become exremely more difficult. Finding a working clash of clans hack is a dangerous task because many people upload viruses that can destroy your computer. Our mission is to make a hack that is accessible to everyone, even if you don’t use a PC (most clash of clans cheats are windows-based).

How this Clash of Clans Hack works

It seems that our mission is fulfilled, but it is not. CoC is updated everyday with new patches and we have to keep up with them. We want to be the leading clash of clans hack in 2014 and on.

Right now we don’t have that much competition because most other hacks simple do not work. They are viruses or fake applications that only run on windows. One day I asked myself: Since CoC is an online based game, why couldn’t you just hack directly on the servers? The thing is you can! If you want to know more about the theory behind our application, read this article here.

To start the application, click the button below. Follow the directions carefully to ensure you get all the free elixir, gems, and coins you want. If you have any problems use the contact button on the navigation bar above and let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.

coc hack

Clash of Clans Hack Features

  • Gems Hack
  • Elixir Hack
  • Gold Hack
  • Undetectable
  • Anti-Ban
  • Unlimited
  • Free
  • No download necessary
  • Hack from your Browser

clash of clans cheats

How to use Clash of Clans hack

  1. This website will take you to the hack interface.
  2. Bots have been known to take advantage of this hack and use it on a constant loop. This verification check is a quick, 1 page survey to ensure you are not a bot and a human. Heres a quick mini-tutorial on how to fill out the survey correctly: 1.) Click the verify with survey button. 2.) Pick one of the available surveys by clicking on the link. 3.) Fill out the survey with correct information. Some surveys require you to verify your email while some dont, so be safe and use a real one. 4.) After you follow all the directions, you will be redirected to the hack with full access.
  3. After you finish the survey the hack will be fully accessible. Fill out each field in the hack, and double check to make sure you info you typed in is correct. If you type in the wrong username, you wont get the free stuff. When you are done click Continue to start the hack.
  4. Now login to your account and make sure the hack worked. During our testing phase, we had about 80% success rate over 300 attempts. So that means it should work most of the time, but if it doesnt try again!

clash of clans hack


About Clash of Clans

Alright boys and girls, if you haven’t seen a Clash of Clans advertisement on television, then you are living under a rock! This game has exploded over the last few years and is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. CoC takes real time strategy to the next level, offering mmorpg elements such as a leveling system and more.The game is released on Iphone and Android phones world-wide. There are over one million players registered and the fanbase keeps growing. It’s pretty amazing how fast this game has grown.Here are a few tips I learned while playing the game:

  • Save your gems – Do not waste your gems on speeding up building, mining, etc. Gems cost money and no one likes spending money. However, you could get up to 100,000 gems with the clash of clans hack.
  • Buy shields (defense is the best offense) – Getting attacked sucks, and it will happen a lot. If your base suffers more than a 40% loss, you get a 12 hour shield. Now what do you do with these 12 hours? I recommend not attacking right away because you will lose your shield. What I do recommend is to upgrade your towers (because they don’t fire during this operation), build your army, and stockpile resources before the attacks resume.
  • Pick your opponents wisely – Make sure you thoroughly scout a target before attacking. For one, check the town hall level. If it is a lot less than yours, then you will get a smaller cut of the winnings. Also, when you first deploy troops, you should have an idea on what resources you are trying to gain. Elixir is an important commodity to have when attacking other people, and it is vital to have a constant elixir income stream.
  • Use the Clash of Clans Hack once a day – The best tip I can give you is to get your 100k gems, elixir, and gold everyday. With this practically limitless amount, you can buy and upgrade all the stuff you want, which makes the game a lot more fun.

If you have any tips you would like posted on here, visit the Contact page above. We love having user submitted content on our website to make it better.


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