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Flint Adventure hack tool can be used instantly to get unlimited packages inside the game.

Flint Adventure hack below

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Get free in-app purchases:

Lv. Gift Pack 1

Education Gift Pack 1

Minor Card

Diamond Package 250

Event Pack 1

Game Intro:”Flint Adventure cheats” is also just a great idle mobile match with global servers. The match is set in prehistoric flint theme, which makes use of fantasy style, and it has varied heroes and strategies. Employing off-line on-hook, players can gain more benefits in a more timesaving way. Meanwhile, you could also experience a series of exciting contents like trial secret, arena, leagues, etc.. In Flint Object hack code, you are going to lead tribal personalities in exploring an alternative adventure with a huge number of players. Now, please start your adventure. In Flint Adventure online hack, only the most courageous warriors could conquer the property! Explore every mystical subject of the crude continent! Follow countless of players to lead your tribal personalities and embark on the experience! Game Characteristics:1Off-Line On-Hook Idle Mobile GameDispatch your spirits, along with your personalities will automatically fight for you! Leisure waits can acquire you epic equipment and legendary heroes! Off line state may additionally bring you rich rewards! 2. Various Strategic Match among HeroesOver 200 heroes in different camps, and a huge selection of personal capabilities! Forge & collect rare firearms and equipment can greatly enhance your combat effectiveness! You need perfect equipment collocation strategyLeisurely enjoy the game with simple operation abilities! 3. Rich ContentsIdlecombat, fight, assignment from chiefs, collect, develop! Trial secret, arena, leagues! Endless exciting contents awaiting for one to have! 4. Multiple Alliance GamesChallenge the effective alliance boss! Compete with other guilds for the No.1 League glory! Build a strong alliance with others to develop a legendary alliance! 5. Peak Competition among World Wide PlayersJoin from the arena and compete with gamers from All Around the Universe! Launch strikes on the leaderboard and the highest glory to acquire powerful loots!!

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