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Genies & Gems Hack Codes

Genies & Gems hack is yet another re-vamped version of Tetris; Much like Candy Crush and other match-three games, the object of Genies & Gems is simply to rearrange gems so that three of the same color are in a row. If you are able to get more than three gems in a row, square, ‘T’, or ‘L’ formation, you receive special objects including ‘butterflies’ and ‘rainbow gems’ which can help you quickly advance through the game. Although these popular match-games don’t need a storyline to become addictive, in a world full of Tetris-knock-offs, storyline is the only way three-match games are able to differentiate themselves. In Genies & Gems thieves have stolen all the treasure from ‘The Palace’; The player must assist Jenni the Genie and her pet fox, Trix, in retrieving the treasure. Special ‘paw’ pieces on the board must be aligned with the colored jewels to be eliminated.

Genies & Gems Hack Codes and Rewards


  • Handful of 25 Coins $0.99 – Z3GEVVe9
  • Stack of 135 Coins $4.99 – p5tbHh5R
  • Bag of 275 Coins $9.99 – BDYNcgaD
  • Bewitching Bundle $1.99 – hixMTno4
  • Spellbinding Stack $6.99 – QakYF8Xh
  • Platter of 575 Coins $19.99 – 8SgPYLdB
  • Sale – 30% off Bag of 275 Coins $6.99 – qRtPA9D5
  • Magical Mix $13.99 – vx3BksYy
  • Amazing Assortment $25.99 – 2vJXpMmZ

Genies & Gems Hacks ?


With each paw that disappears, a path is opened for Trix to take a step closer to a stolen treasure chest at the opposite end of the board. Once Trix has reached the chest and retrieved it, you move onto the next level. To make the game a bit more challenging, you are only allowed a certain amount of moves per level. As in most games, if you fail to meet the objectives of the level in the allotted amount of moves, you must replay the level until you successfully complete it. When you fail a level, you also lose one of your five lives in the games. Lives will automatically regenerate after half an hour, but if you’re awful at the game and lose all five in under thirty minutes you’ll have to purchase a new one with gold coins or beg your Genie-and-Gem-playing-Facebook-friends to loan you one of their lives to continue playing. Gold coins can be earned throughout the game or by logging in with your Facebook account.

genies & gems hack

You can also buy coins in the Genies & Gems hack online store but they’re pretty expensive: 99 cents for twenty-five coins (the same amount of coins you earn by just logging in through Facebook). Depending on how well you perform on each level, you will be rewarded with 1-3 stars. You want to get as many stars as possible because you’ll have to use them to enter the next level of gameplay, assuming you make it past the first several levels. If you do not have enough stars to move on, you must replay levels to increase the amount of stars in your inventory.

Genies & Gems Hack Conclusions

Overall, Genies & Gems cheats has a very Vegas-slot-machine feel to it. While I don’t know if this game will catch on as well as some of the other countless match-three games available, it is equally entertaining. Unfortunately, with so many “special” items to be earned and objectives to meet in each level, Genies & Gems is a bit more frustrating and convoluted than the average game of its type, but also more challenging. All in all, Genies & Gems cheat is certainly worth trying out (its free, so why not?) and is a great way to pass the time during a long public commute or trip to the loo.