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Piano Tiles 2 Hack Codes

Piano Tiles 2, which is a single-player application, was launched on 19 August 2014 and it was created specifically by Hu Wen Zeng. As a matter of fact, Piano Tiles 2 hack is a very popular game and it is suitable for individuals of every age group. By playing this addictive game, you are able to hone your skills as well as test your own reflexes.

While playing this particular game, you should try to hit all the black tiles and also take care not to strike the white ones. This application provides various options for playing, and as a result, the users are able to take pleasure immensely while playing Piano Tiles 2 hack. Furthermore, one does not require being an expert and he simply requires being attentive using fast fingers.

While enjoying this game the main target of the player will be to tap on the black tiles once they appear from the screen’s top without touching the white ones. Besides this, each black tile is going to produce a piano sound whenever it is tapped. It will form reputed compositions, for example, Für Elise as well as Ode to Joy in quick succession.

Piano Tiles 2 Hack Codes and Rewards

  1. 10 DIAMONDS $0.99 – Xb6eCp7A
  2. 53 DIAMONDS $4.99 – pUeuEDSN
  3. 110 Diamonds $9.99 – 24LsZJsY
  4. Special offer pack $0.99 – 7n9PXphp

Piano Tiles 2 Hack

Game Features

  1. Classic Mode: 50 black tiles are to be tapped as soon as possible.
  2. Arcade Mode: The tiles which are on the screen will move automatically and the gamer has to keep up with it. He should make an endeavor to tap the black tiles and also take care not to miss any. This game is going to last till a gamer taps a white tile or he misses a black tile in between.
  3. Zen Mode: In this particular mode, one must try his best so that he can tap all the black tiles in just 15 seconds. Since there will be a set time limit, the player must try to tap as many times he can within the stipulated period.
  4. Bomb Mode: Avoid bombs as well.
  5. Rush mode: In this mode, there is going to be an increment in the scroll speed and, therefore, the gamer is required to press the tiles continuously at an increasing speed. As the player eventually loses, the game is going to reveal the exact number of tiles that he was able to press every second.
  6. Relay Mode: This mode is almost similar to the Zen mode; however, the gamer can reset the time limit simply by tapping the tiles. This game will come to an end, in case, the gamer is not able to tap at least 50 piano tiles within the set time limit.

Play Piano Tiles 2 Hack and Cheats

By now the rules should be pretty much clear; one must try to play the piano without touching the white tiles.


  1. One will never get bored since there are so many fantastic game modes.
  2. Customizable traditional piano soundtrack.
  3. Plenty of color options as well as multicolored themes.
  4. Smooth gameplay.
  5. Community support.
  6. Optimized for the high-resolution screens.

Play Piano Tiles 2 Hack Verdict

Piano Tiles 2 hack is definitely a fantastic choice in case you are searching for an enjoyable time. Needless to say, there are plenty of options offered by this game and it is also possible to mix it up whenever you would like. Besides this, you will be able to choose your preferred version while playing Piano Tiles 2. In short, this particular game is definitely worth checking out.