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Tap Titans 2 Hack – Online Generator and Other Cheats

If you are on this website, you of course know about the game and you are looking for the Tap Titans 2 hack. It is such a fantastic game that is perfect for killing time as well as enjoying it since it is quite fun and addictive game.

For those of who are not familiar with Tap Titans 2, well it is a smartphone game that is available on Android and iOS devices. Basically, what you do in the game is tap as fast as you can and in the process of doing so, you hit the monsters. Every-time you hit a monster, the game rewards you with limited quantity of gold and gems which you can use to buy various items inside the game.


But This Is The Main Problem…

The thing is, while the game is extremely fun and addictive, the free resources that it gives are in extremely limited quantities. If you want to truly experience the fullest of Tap Titans 2, it will require you to spend money on the in-app purchases to buy gems (game’s premium currency) to unlock various other resources of the game.

This is the case with most of the free-to-play games. You can have fun with such games, but to play to it’s full potential, you will need to buy all sort of upgrades to unlock all items.

Yeah, you can spend money and buy these items, but that is not the point why you are here, isn’t it? But do not worry, I have got an amazing, working solution for you.

I am excited to present you…

tap titans 2 hack mod

Tap Titans 2 hack and cheats

When I started to play Tap Titans, it was a very exciting experience. The game-play of this game was superb. But as I played more and more, I realized one thing – the game wants me to continuously spend money on it to buy in-game items. Of course, this is not what I wanted as spending money on games never interested me, and I am sure same is for you. Luckily, I am also a developer and also have team of expert developers. After months of testing, we were finally able to hack Tap Titans 2.

Upon using our Tap Titans 2 Hack Tool, you will unlock all the following features:

  • Unlimited gold
  • Get unlimited diamonds
  • (Increasing instead of decrease​)

Also, in case you are fearful of the safety of our tool, please do not worry. Hundreds of users use it successfully and we have spent months on testing this. We have also added anti-ban feature to it so that it stays under the radar. Moreover, we always continue to update it so it will always remain patched. Hence, it is 100% safe to use.

Moreover, the tool works well on all the operating systems (OS) including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac!

Proof That It Works

We understand that the internet is a place full of fake stuff and so it is not easy for you to trust on anyone. We totally get that! That is why, I took a screenshot just after using our tool and cheats which I am sharing below. You can see how quickly I was able to generate huge amount of resources:

Download the Hack tool

As you saw above, I shared two different image proofs taken at separate times each time to show how well our tool and cheats work. So now, the choice is yours – whether you want to pay or use our tool to generate unlimited tap titans money, gold and diamonds for free. Don’t think much, just click the download button above and enjoy the game to the fullest!

Hacks for Tap Titans 2

Are you looking for the best tips, cheats, tricks and tap titans 2 hack to get more diamonds, coins and money? Then this article is going to help you a great deal. If you follow the instructions outlined in this guide, then you will be able to earn more cash and rewards in Tap Titans 2 and become the best. If all you want is money and diamonds, the cheats and hacks discussed here will help you get a lot of those in this game. Some of the hacks and cheats are meant for iPad and iPhone and other iOS powered devices.  However, for the tips and tricks discussed towards the end of the article, are meant for both iOS and Android users.

Therefore, to get enough money and instant powers to take out your enemies, you have to do a number of tricks.

Check out the following procedure:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi
  • Stop the game from multi-tasking
  • Go to Settings then General and click on Time & Date
  • Turn off “Set Automatically”
  • Change date to one day later- for example if today is January 23, change the date to January 24)
  • Reopen the game and claim your AFK reward.
  • Do the entire process, as many times as you wish until you have all the cash you need. (this may not work in devices operating on iOS 8.1.2)
  • This is not a tap titans 2 hack, just a small cheat.

Tap titan’s companion coin cheat- this is for both iOS and android users

While gathering new companions, why don’t you try out this cheat to get a few coins even if you are not playing? First of all, you need to go to the settings menu, switch off the auto screen lock. Thereafter, plug your phone in an unlimited power supply and then start the game and you will immediately see the companions killing all the enemies and come back with plenty of free coins. This is a good thing, especially if you are about to log off the game and you don’t have time to play the game.

How to get enough diamonds – for iOS users only

Download iFunBox and PC

You need to use the iFunBox to install the Titans cheats’ files on your phone. Secondly, download titan’s iOS diamond hack files on the PC. Close the game and install the files. To install the iOS hack, open the game the close it completely, make sure it is not even running in the background. After that, plug your device into your device using the iFunBox as well as the cheat files. Once it is connected to the PC, open the iFunBox and click the ‘’user applications’’ on the main menu. Once there, click on the cheats and hacks tips and tricks to get more money, diamonds, as well as coins. However, you should first of all tap the Spellfall app icon.

Tap titan’s tips and tricks for android and iOS users

Upgrading your skills

If you want to earn extra rewards and skills, you need to upgrade yourself. As you progress in the game, it is wise to do some upgrades on a regular basis. Even though the base damage may not be great at first, if you continue to upgrade yourself, you will reach a point where you can unlock special skills for the champions. And this will enhance your base damage of the hero or get you various rewards. This is very important, especially when you start to make good money.

Check out popups

You should be vigilant of popups that have special bonuses. The bonuses feature taps earning you a lot of money and watch videos for more gems. In addition, you can click on the angels that fly around with chests to get more coins.

Consider tap damage

You can save a lot of money with tap damage. This will come in handy later in the game.

Avoiding investing in warriors in early stages

You should not purchase warriors while still on the early stages of the game. What you can do instead is to invest in upgrades because they can boost you at the end of it all. Once you get at least 100k coins, you can start buying warriors. One good warrior to invest in is Inquirireaux the terrible. He is a cheap warrior to use. But you should use our Tap Titans 2 Hack tool.

Make use of special powers

If you want to win boss battles, then invest in special powers. The game will give you incredible skills such as clone ability or max damage. What you need to do is to tap on the fairy to receive your bonus. In fact, this makes the battle easier. In addition, you should always remember that special powers are different and you need to know all of them so that you can use them on specific heroes to as to optimize its usefulness. So that’s all I hope you enjoyed the Tap Titans 2 hack and check out Injustice 2 unlimited packs hack.