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World Chef Hack Codes

Developed by Socialpoint, a Spanish company that develops mobile games, World Chef hack is a game where the player takes the role of a chef who must grow his restaurant by keeping the customers happy. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. In the game, the player must hire the best employees, make sure all orders are filled correctly and maintain the inventory among other tasks.

The game is free to download, but it offers in app purchases for things such as food, employees, and supplies. The player can also purchase a feature that helps reduce the time it takes to collect money from the customers and to bake meals. Also, the player can use real money to purchase in-game currencies or earn them by completing activities in the game.

Gems and gold are the two currencies used in World Chef cheats. Gold being the standard currency, the player can earn it by performing duties in the restaurant. On the other hand, gems are premium currency and the player must purchase them using real money. The player can use gold coins to purchase items and hire employees. The purpose of gems is to speed up different in-game activities such as the time it takes customers to eat. Also, the player can use them to purchase decorations, furniture, and employees at a lower cost compared to gold.

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World Chef Codes and Rewards

  1. A board of gems $1.99 – X4Y4MtNM
  2. A bowl of gems $4.99 – 5Khm6Mcy
  3. A tray of gems $9.99 – uuW5UcZJ
  4. A pan of gems $19.99 – LwTYMwFm
  5. A bowl of gold $2.99 – tDerSfjV
  6. A board of gold $0.99 – 9X5Dz2nR
  7. A tray of gems $7.99 – YHPtfWer
  8. A tray of gold $7.99 – s5JkYbUv
  9. A pot of gems $39.99 – s5JkYbUv
  10. A bowl of gems $1.99 – 8cAmPD47

World Chef Hacks

1. Always Cook
At the beginning of the game, there are only a few dishes to cook. However, as the game progresses, things can get out of hand because the number of dishes to cook increases. Therefore, the player must be cooking something always. For example, as soon as he starts the game, he can first cook the quick dishes such as burgers and bread and then move to the dishes that require more time. When out of the game he should leave the dishes that need the most time cooking to get the most of his play time.

2. Never Run Out of Ingredients
Stock fully on ingredients even if you do not need them immediately. You never know when they might come in handy.

3. Use the Market
The prices at the market may be high, but always check the products available and purchase some. Also, if you have excess food, you can sell some of it in the market. That helps in controlling the inventory space and making extra money.

4. Upgrade the Storage
As the game progresses, serving customers and cooking food gives the player items that he can use to upgrade the dish storage and ingredient storage space. Upgrade the storage spaces as the items come in.

5. Plan your Moves
In the early stages of the game, preparing many dishes is a good strategy because the customers will find all the dishes that they need. However, as the game progresses, focus on getting ingredients for complex dishes because they will make you more money.

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Why you should choose World Chef Hack

World Chef hack is an excellent game to the world of fine dining. Also, cooking and operating a successful business are skills that combine quality and creativity. The game is good because it gives the player the ability to customize the restaurant according to his preferences. The art work is great as is the story line.